Monday, March 11, 2013

October 2012 in Pictures... and Videos!

We were sitting outside one night and Kyle and Brody were walking up and down the small hill beside our driveway. On their way back up, Kyle got Brody to pick a flower and told him to give it to me. He gave it to me, but all on his own told me he loved me and gave me a kiss. I LOVE that little boy!

We gave Brody his own can of soda. (Trust me, he drank very little. Some of it ended up on his shirt and he knocked it over and spilled the rest of it. )


On the nights that Karlee wakes up before an acceptable time and refuses to fall back to sleep,
Kyle brings her back into bed with us and she goes right back to sleep! 

Karlee started going to Bible Class

She's started grabbing her toys and bringing them to her mouth. 

We tried his "Angry Birds" Halloween costume on him and he did not like it!

But, as soon as I got the camera and said "Say cheese!" he jumped up and was all smiles!


Karlee "talking"

Brody reading his new magnet book.

Running down the hallway!

Brody being distracting during worship services. :)

A - Apple!

You're never too old to play in a baby jumper! 

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