Sunday, October 28, 2012

August in Pictures

Brody saying "Cheese!" 

Brody is always laying on Karlee! 

Napping with a basketball. Silly boy :)

Sweet kisses. 

One of my FAVORITE pictures of Karlee taken 
by Lyndsay King during PTP. 

Karlee and Hannah Kate wearing their crocheted
dresses made by Deborah Keith. 

July in Pictures

Sleepy boy.

Looking out the window after one of my Doctor appointments
at St. Vincent's. 

In a hot air balloon at a VBS. 

A zoomed in picture of his Popeye face! 
It's grainy because it was taken with Kyle's phone.

Tracing with chalk.

He loved it!

Daddy's turn!

It's hard to see, but there are just stray
chalk marks every now and then. :)

Haley holding her new baby cousin, Karlee.

Sweet Karlee.

Brody's infamous reaction to his new baby sister!

Brody started warming up to her. 

I love how Karlee is looking at Brody!

Ready for her first trip to the doctor.

Helping Daddy feed Karlee. :)

Anytime Brody was outside and got away from us 
we'd find him in the pool with ALL of his clothes on! 
Once he was in there we didn't see the harm with letting him
swim for a little while. :)

Karlee's first trip to church services.

Hanging out with Great-Gammy and Great-Pappa

Brody fast asleep in his playroom.

Clasping her hands.

Not looking much like a newborn anymore!

Grandma hanging out with her babies!



I'm not a fan of Karlee's facial expression in this picture,
but Brody's it too cute! He's so proud!

Kitty needed some Karlee snuggles too.

Swimming at Grandma and Pap Pap's.

Big cousin Haley.

She even helped with a diaper change!

"Flying" with Daddy.

He LOVES it!

Playing with Aunt Kim and Haley while 
Mommy and Daddy were still at the hospital with Karlee.