Tuesday, September 25, 2012

June in Pictures

Super excited about VBS! Haha

Visiting the Skeltons!

Visiting the Skeltons!

I think Brody is to the age where he's too old to 
sleep in the pack n' play in the same room as we're in!

He moved up here with us in the middle of the night!

Brody's Father's Day present to Kyle.

Sitting on Mommy's nightstand.

Fast asleep in his playroom!

Matthew came to visit! (and Cindy, Wayne, and Kris too!)

Popsicles with Haley!

Brody - 23 Months

I can't believe that next month Brody will be 2!! I love him so much more every day! I love being a stay-at-home mom. He entertains me the entire day! He learns something new everyday and I love being able to be here to see it. I love when he snuggles up with me and we play on the iTouch or Kindle together.

  • Brody is in size 4 diapers
  • Brody is wearing 18 month clothing but fits in some 24 month clothing
  • Brody takes one nap a day for about 2 hours around 2pm
  • Brody goes to bed at 10pm (we shoot for 9pm, but NEVER make it! Haha) and sleeps until 8am.
  • His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, cheese, juice, tea, milk, spaghetti and meatballs, grapes, bananas, apples, and chips. 
  • He knows his colors, ABCs, and numbers up to 20. 
  • He still loves his Signing Time, Barney, Elmo, Dora, and Charlie Brown videos. He recently added Lady and the Tramp to the list after he watched it with my mom during one of her visits. He has become pretty attached to that one and asks for "Doggies" often! 
  • He LOVES to play on the Kindle and get on YouTube and watch videos about colors, ABCs, and numbers. He has his favorites that he asks for: Red (The apple is red), Pink (the paint is pink), ABC Train, Number Train, Eat (Baby Sign Eat), and others.
  • I found out (by accident one day) that Brody can read a lot of words already! I had his tiny etch-a-sketch and was writing color words and he was telling me what they said so I tried other words like frog, ball, and apple and he knew them all. I showed Kyle and we had a fun time thinking of words to write and having him read them! We have no idea how many words he can read! We think of one we haven't tried and write it down and most times he knows what it is! He AMAZES us with his knowledge! He loves to learn. I think his Signing DVDs, Barney, and My Baby Can Read DVDs help with this a lot. 
  • He LOVES to sing the days of creation song. He has magnets in his bible class that he puts in order. When we can't find him after church services we always know where to look! He usually has some of the teen boys in there with him trying to trick him by mixing up the numbers and they are amazed when it doesn't work and he gets them right anyway! He loves the attention and applause he gets when he's finished and will do it over and over and over again!
  • Brody will be moving up to the 2-3 year old class next month in bible class and I will be teaching Karlee in the nursery class! My babies are growing so fast!
  • Brody loves his sister Karlee but ignores her most of the time! He'll come and wave a rattle in her face, but mostly does this while looking at us waiting for our praise of "Good job, Brody! Thank you! You're such a good big brother!"
  • Brody will always give Karlee a kiss when we ask him to! 
  • Brody and Karlee don't interact much, but recently during one church service Brody was looking at Karlee and started cracking up and Karlee laughed right back at him. It was the cutest thing! He also started pointing to Karlee and saying her name. He would always repeat it when asked, but has recently started associating her name with her. 

Sleeping through the night!

For the past 4 days, Karlee has slept through the night! She is 10 weeks old. She goes down around 10pm and wakes up around 7am. We are loving this new trend and hope she keeps it up! Now we just need to move her into her crib! We're just waiting on her Wizard of Oz bedding to come in the mail that my Aunt made for her! :)

Karlee - 2 Months

Karlee turned 2 months old on September 12th! She is growing so fast and getting so big! She has great control of her neck and loves to sit up and watch Brody play.

  • Karlee is a size 2 diaper and wears 0-3 month clothing. 
  • She has the tiniest feet and size 0/newborn shoes still fall off of her! This girl's feet need to grow because I love little shoes and I can't put them on her yet because I don't want them to fall off and lose them. 
  • She gives us a good 4-5 hour stretch at night. She's still sleeping in her bassinet in our room.
  • She smiles and coos like crazy! She loves to be talked to! 
  • She only cries or fusses when she's tired or hungry. Both easy fixes! We either give her a bottle or a pacy. 
  • She drinks about 3-4 oz with each bottle.
  • She likes to sit in her bouncy seat but doesn't like tummy time.
I have two of the sweetest, cutest, and easiest babies! I couldn't have asked for better babies! I love them so much. :)