Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Brother, Brody!

When Kyle and I decided we were ready to add to our family we realized it was harder than we had thought. I ended up getting help from our doctor and found out that I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had to be on Metformin (for 9 months) and Clomid (for 4 months) before we were lucky enough to get pregnant with our Brody. :) When we decided we were ready to add an additional member to our family we thought we would have to start all over again on the medicines to get pregnant. I had my yearly appointment scheduled for November and we were going to ask about getting put back on fertility medicine and were thinking it would take an additional 3-4 months for it to work. Little did we know that we wouldn't be needing the medicine this time! Instead, my yearly appointment was my first OB appointment! We were definitely ready and wanting this little baby, but was a surprise when we found out we were really expecting again!

I got my positive test on Friday, October 28th. I couldn't wait to shout to the world about our bundle of joy! I called my parents right away. Kyle didn't think I should have done this, he wanted to do something a little more special, but I was too excited!! I needed to tell people!! Our youth Halloween party was that Monday, October 31st. We had a party at our friends the King's house. After all the youth left, I said "So, nobody commented on our outfits!" We were wearing our youth group "Ghost Hunters" shirt from the movie they made and Brody had been a monkey earlier in the evening but had since changed. Everybody was confused because obviously there was no theme to our outfits! I said, "We've come as a family of four!" It took just seconds for the screams and hugs!

A few weeks later Kyle's parents came to visit. It was around their anniversary so we wrapped some special presents for them. In one box was a blueberry (the approximate size of our baby at that time) and in the other was a paperclip (the approximate weight of our baby at that time). Under the blueberry were some early ultrasound pictures, in case they didn't get it right away. :) Jeanny opened the paperclip first and was a little confused, but after Eddy opened the blueberry, she knew what was going on! They were so excited to add another grandchild to the family!

6 weeks

Heart Rate 126 BPM

After our family knew, we were ready to announce on facebook! Our friend, Katy, let us borrow her chalkboard wall (really neat idea!) and took this picture for us! Thanks, Katy!