Friday, July 27, 2012

Birmingham Zoo

I've been wanting to take Brody to the Zoo before Karlee got here. My mom decided she wanted to go too and bring Haley. We went on a Thursday so it wouldn't be too crowded. We got there around 10, but had to wait on my mom and Haley because my mom relied on Haley to tell her the directions and they got lost! We had a great day and it actually wasn't too hot! 

Brody loved these things! 

Waiting to ride the carousel. 

Checking out the turkey. 

Digging up some dinosaur bones. 

Riding a camel. Brody was too little. 

Napping on the train. :)

May in Pictures

This was (obviously from the title) back in May. 
Brody sleeps great in his toddler bed now :)

I made that pallet on the floor and yet Brody never used it!

Playing with Pop


Brody is my good sleeper! I hope his sister is the same way!