Monday, February 6, 2012

13 1/2 Week Ultrasound

Our baby finally looks like a baby!! :) So exciting. I was not expecting the baby to already look like this. Such a change from 8 1/2 weeks!  I love when they give us tons of pictures.

 Head to the left. Back turned, facing away. 

 Facing up

 Close up of the head. There is a fist by the chin. 

 The ultrasound tech thought it was funny that he/she had his/her hands up in a boxing pose. :) 
(one hand is above the other)

 His/Her legs are crossed to the right of the picture. 
(left leg over right leg)

 A tiny foot! 


 Tiny hand! 

(Pictures taken 1-04-12)

We asked if the ultrasound could guess the gender. She said that this early it would be only a guess and to not "take it to the bank." She guessed girl by the fact that she didn't see anything between the legs and the fact that he/she had his/her legs crossed. Apparently girls are notorious for keeping their legs crossed. I guess we'll find out soon enough! 

8 1/2 Week Ultrasound

Here are some pictures from our 8 1/2 week ultrasound. I like when they outline because all I saw was a blob! :)

Pictures taken 11-28-11

A Little Scare

We went to the doctors soon after finding out we were pregnant. Most doctors wait until 8 or 9 weeks for a normal pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Brody I had told the receptionist that I had been on fertility treatments so she scheduled me earlier and I ended up having low Progesterone and had to take medicine until the second trimester. So, this time, back in November, when I called they again had me come in early. They took my blood and wheeled in a portable ultrasound machine to check on the baby. I ended up having to be put back on Progesterone until the second trimester. When the nurse came in to perform the ultrasound (it was early on in the pregnancy) she didn't seem happy with what she was seeing. She was acting a little strange. I thought I saw what I thought was a heartbeat fluttering, but she later said she didn't see one. She said she needed to go talk to the doctor and see if they could fit me in for an ultrasound on the bigger machine. We waited and waited and she ended up coming back in and saying my doctor decided to just have me come back in on Monday (this was a Friday, I think) and we'd recheck then. I was so nervous! I didn't know what to think all weekend and just tried to stay positive, because there was something on the ultrasound.

Monday came and I hoped I would get an ultrasound on the bigger machine, but instead I got the portable one again. Although, this time my doctor performed the ultrasound. He scanned around for a while and then said that my dates were probably just a little off and joked "why couldn't I just be normal?" :) He did find a heartbeat - a healthy 126 BPM. He saw some sort of a bleed though and asked if I had experienced any spotting or cramping. I had not and he said good, but I needed to "take it easy." Thanks, doctor, for making me nervous again!! He changed my dates from July 6th to July 8th and sent us on our way!

And P.S. I have had further ultrasounds and the bleed has not come up so I'm guessing it's gone. I never think to ask about it and they never mention anything about it.